Together, Beyond Expectations

Schools within Schools

Our new building has been designed to accommodate the sponsor's vision for The Grangefield Academy. This is a vision which we have called Schools within Schools.

Each year group are located in their own area of the building where they will be taught classroom based lessons. They will only go to specialist spaces for lessons such as Technology, Drama or P.E. which has minimised movement around the Academy. The idea is to create a strong year based community to reinforce the approaches, which are best suited to different age groups. This enables, for example, year 11 to bring the right focus to their final year of study and year 7 to become familiar with the Academy and each other without encountering older and bigger students. Our approach has taken the best practice from primary schools giving every student the individual care and guidance they deserve. Practice will change and develop as students move through the Academy ensuring that students are increasingly independent as they develop in maturity.

We have a Head of School for each year group. The Heads of School are supported by a Personal Development Leader. These staff are working closely with a team of Learning Guides who will stay with students from year 7 through to year 11. Their role is to know your child very well, their strengths and areas for development, their targets and most importantly their progress. As a result they are the first point of contact for you. One of the strengths of the Schools within Schools approach is the relationship between the Learning Guide, the students and the family. Of equal importance is the fact that, as far as possible, students have the same teacher for key subjects throughout their school career. A student's history teacher will teach the same group in years 7, 8 and 9. It is only in years 10 and 11 when students choose options that teachers may change. We believe that this continuity will support the rapid progress of all our students.

School Revolution

Head of School - Miss O'Shaughnessy

Personal Development Leader - Mr Johnson

School Discovery

Head of School - Mrs Bland

Personal Development Leader - Mrs Knowles

School Ignite

Head of School - Mrs Brack

Personal Development Leader - Mr Lennon

School Innovation

Head of School - Mr Haywood

Personal Development Leader - Miss McKie

School Pioneer

Head of School - Mr Blair

Personal Development Leader - Mrs Cinnamond